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VITALMAX - CFM Protein 70 / 1500g (50 sach. x 30g)

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Benefits of CFM Whey Protein: - CFM- it facilitates the building up of muscles. - It protects muscles against breakdown. It facilitates the building up of muscles. - contains superior source of highly absorbable and useable protein. - accelerates protein synthesis, - rapidly enters the bloodstream and reaches the muscle to start the anabolic process, - active components positively function and influence physiological processes in the human body (immunity booster), - stimulation of the production of the strongly anabolic hormone IGF-1 in the organism who is responsible for mass growth. VITALMAX

CFM WHEY ULTRAFILTRATE PROTEIN 70 -is the highest quality the ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate.
Use of the protein nutrient should be closely connected with the basic diet of a competitorand be a supplementation of the protein quantity in food up to the required quantity (in case of body builders it is about 2g per 1kg of the body weight).
Thanks to the nutrients ,one can quite pecisely regulate the proportins of the protein and carbohydrates in the diet during the workouts aimed at growth of muscles.
The high protein nutrients are also used in the processes of body weight reduction ,and also in post-traumatic conditions and recovery after medical procedures ,etc.

VITALMAX CFM WHEY ULTRAFILTRATE PROTEIN 70 provides the protein orginating exclusively from high quality ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate without any addition from cheaper plant proteins.

The added metabolic activators and amino acids (e.g creatine .Taurine,BCAA,l-GLUTAMINE,vitamins,minerals)results in better use of the protein as ,for examle ,the constuction material for the muscles.

VITALMAX CFM WHEY ULTRAFILTRATE PROTEIN 70 contains also the additive collagen hydrolysate, which allows for better protection of tendons and joints during extensive workouts.


  • in 100g of product
  • energy value
    1652kj 395kcal 496kj
  • carbohydrates 20.7g
  • fat 4.80g

Average nutritional values:



L - lysine

 5865,0 mg

 1759,50 mg

L - isoleucine

 4133,1 mg1239,93 mg


L - histidine

 1062,6 mg

 318,78 mg

L - leucine

 6665,4 mg

 1999,62 mg

L - arginine

 1662,9 mg

 498,87 mg

L - tyrosine

 1662,9 mg

 498,87 mg

L - tryptophan

 1593,9 mg

 478,17 mg

L - phenylalanine

 1932,0 mg

 579,60 mg

L - alanine

 3194,7 mg

 958,41 mg

L - threonine

 5195,7 mg

 1558,71 mg

L - cysteine

 1462,8 mg

 438,84 mg

L - serine

 2863,5 mg

 858,90 mg

L - valine

 3532,8 mg

 1059,84 mg

L - methionine

 1531,8 mg

 459,54 mg

L - proline

 4333,2 mg

 1299,96 mg


 1262,7 mg

 378,81 mg


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