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Lecheek Nutrition Hyper T2 (triiodothyronine T3 3,3',5-triiodo-L-thyronine) 90 caps. LAST2

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HyperT2 by Lecheek Nutrition is the latest innovative T2/metabolism booster to hit the market. Each capsule contains key ingredients to enhance the T2 hormone and increase metabolism which can lead to amazing results by itself or even better results when stacked with a stimulatory fat burner such as OxyECA by Lecheek Nutrition.

Key Features:

-T2 (3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine) has a much faster metabolic rate than T3 or T4 by up to 24 times.

-Increase resting metabolic rate by up to 33%

-Significant increases in the liver activities of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and Malice enzyme, these enzymes are necessary for fat metabolism

-Significantly increases oxygen consumption in blood cells

-Increase protein turnover

-Decrease cholesterol levels

-Alpha-2 agonist

-Increases liver glycogen breakdown

-Increased number of beta adrenergic receptors in the heart , skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, and lymphocytes(these receptors bind fat mobilizing hormones)

-Supports GH release

HyperT2 is great at targeting fat in the stomach region as well as lower back and the all so difficult so called love handle region. Another great thing about HyperT2 is the fact that it is a non stimulant product so it can be used with other stimulants. We know as well as you do that there are plenty of overdosed stimulant products on the market today and it can be a burden trying to figure out what will be safe to take with what. HyperT2 must be taken no more than 45 days at a time and your body must be given a 4 week break between cycles to ensure a safe and effective fat burning experience. If you are serious about getting rid of that stubborn fat, you need to try HyperT2 today!

Available Flavors:  not applicable (capsules)


1 capsule on an empty stomach before breakfast and an additional 1 capsule 6-8 hours later on an empty stomach if needed.  For best results do not eat or drink anything with carbohydrates for 30 minutes after doses.



Serving Size: 1
Servings Per Container: 90


Amount Per Serving:

3,5-Diiodo L-Thyronine 200 mcg

Capsicum annuum Extract 2 mg

Rauwolfia vomitoria Extract 2 mg

Raspberry Ketones 250 mg 

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