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Sarma-Com Alpha Shred 120 caps.

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Sarma-Com Alpha Shred supplement with a multi-faceted approach. The best components including S4, SR9009, GW501516, Rad 140.

S4 is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Known as Andarine. It shows anabolic effects of muscle and bone tissue while maintaining low androgenic activity. S4 not only prevents loss of bone tissue, but it has a positive effect on its mineral density. In addition, S4 results in high muscle greases, improving the silhouette composition.

SR9009 also known as Stenabolic. The specificity is used to quickly and effective weight loss without losing muscle tissue, increases the effort capacity, optimizes glucose levels and lipidogram, improves the well-being, ensures stimulation, and recent studies indicated that this measure can prevent the development of osteoporosis (moreover, this measure inhibits Activity and reduces the total amount of cells dissolving bone tissue - osteoclasty) and supports the combat with cancer. SR9009 also shows anti-inflammatory effect.

GW501516 otherwise called Cardarine, increases the energy level, improves the strength, insulin sensitivity and a lipid profile. An important benefit is to increase muscle mass. This compound may increase fatty acid metabolism, thereby causing loss of adipose tissue. The compound shows anti-acatabolic effect, protecting muscle mass against breakdown.

RAD 140 is a non-steroidal relationship from the group of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM). He shows high anabolic potential. In the RAD-140 sports industry, it is also known as testolone. Players and amateurs use it as a safer option to improve silhouettes and physical conditions, in opposition for anabolic-androgenic steroids (SAA). It can be used in the case of adipose reduction, as it shows anti-acatabolic effect - protecting muscle tissue before breaking it. In studies, Rad-140 used parallel with a short ester of testosterone, but also DHT was able to reduce the influence of steroids on prostate and seed channel. The potential of this measure is determined close to testosterone, which affects the growth of muscle tissue. His advantages (except for the above) can be obtained to obtain longer strength, greater efficiency, better muscle density, strong bones and obtaining permanent training effects. RAD-140 does not cause gynecomastia, does not damage the liver and taken in small doses does not result in the effect of locking.

Available Flavors:  not applicable (capsules)


2 capsules 2 times a day after a meal.



Serving Size: 2
Servings Per Container: 60


Amount Per Serving:

S-4    12.5mg

SR9009   6mg

GW501516  6mg

RAD-140  5mg

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