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HI-TEC - Master Mass - 4000g / 80 portions

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Nutritional Support for Building Mass

• Very Fast weight gain
• Strenghtens Muscle and Power output
• Fast muscle recovery
• Suitable for Anabolic Weight Sportsmen

High Calorie, carbohydrate pre and post workout shake without the fat. If your serious about building muscle mass and power this is the product for you. It will intensify your workouts giving you rapid muscle gain and mass.

Master Mass is a powerful gainer for ectomorphic athletes (hardgainers) which supports very fast weight gain, muscle strenght and recovery between subsequent trainings. Master Mass supplies sufficient amount of calories from mono-, oligo- and polymeric carbohydrates and high-BV proteins (WPC) to induce and further support positive energetic and nitrogen balance.

Master Mass is crucial supplement for muscle mass synthesis.

When taken with glutafusion rapid recovery rate and speeds regeneration of muscle tissue.


Dissolve 50 g (3 full measures) powder in 250 ml low fat milk

Workout days: morning, immediate after wake up; 2hr before training; 30 min. after training; 1hr before sleep
Non-workout days: drink 3 shakes per day - after or between meals (especially in the morning and before sleep)

Energetic Value per 50g (1 Portion)
Kcal 192kcal
Protein 10.2g
Carb 36.2g
Fat 0.7g


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