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PVL NUTRIENTS - Tribulus MAXX - 90 caps.

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Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant that grows in moderate and tropical climates in the United States, Mexico, Eastern Europe, India and China. Maxx Essentials proudly purchases their fully standardized Tribulus Extract from genuine Bulgarian sources, long purported to be the ONLY 100% effective strain of Tribulus. Tribulus Terrestris contains steroidal saponins, alkaloids, and fl avanoids, and its protodioscins content is believed to be responsible for its effects on hormone, libido and body composition.

Tribulus Maxx is fully standardized for a minimum of 45% total saponins.
Traditional medicine systems from around the world have used the Tribulus Terrestris plant to boost energy levels, relieve depression, treat impotence and infertility in men and women, and to boost vigor and strength for centuries. Because of the plants long history of use, its excellent safety record and its reputed benefi ts, athletes have experimented with Tribulus Terrestris extract dietary supplements to
boost testosterone levels, to speed fat loss, to enhance strength, to enhance endurance, to increase energy levels and to boost muscle mass, tone and overall athletic performance.

On the athletic front, this potent herb has been studied and observed to enhance LH (luteinizing hormone) production and raise testosterone levels. The increased testosterone levels caused by Tribulus Terrestris supplementation report a positive effect on strength and stamina. Athletes use Tribulus Terrestris, to ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at normal levels at all times. Tribulus Terrestris does not work in the same way as prohormones such as Androstenedione and DHEA . It is a natural stimulant of LH. In fact, a person that has used a prohormone,
should use Tribulus Terrestris on the “off cycle” to help their own testosterone levels return to normal, which is what the prohormone will suppress. On the “off cycle”, many men feel weak, tired, and moody because their own natural testosterone levels have been suppressed.

Though the pharmacodynamics of Tribulus Terrestris have not been fully established, Tribulus is thought to support healthy hormone profi le by boosting testosterone levels via stimulation of the anterior pituitary gland. This stimulation is thought to promote the production and secretion of Leutinizing Hormone (LH), which can lead to increases in unbound, freetestosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris contains steroidal saponins, alkaloids, and fl avanoids, but it is the protodioscins content of Tribulus Terrestris that is believed to be responsible for its apparent ability to boost testosterone levels and support healthy hormone profile function. Indeed, research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris extract, standardized for 20% protodioscins was effective at stimulating testosterone increases in study subjects, Tribulus Maxx is indeed standardized to provide 20% protodioscins for maximum benefits.

It’s natural and exceptional safety profile makes Tribulus Terrestris the number one sought after dietary supplement with no contraindications, toxicity and side effects. Clinical studies in Bulgaria showed Tribulus Terrestris improved testosterone levels in men. Among women, Tribulus Terrestris increased the concentration of hormones including estradiol, further clinical research shows 250mg of Tribulus Terrestris increases Lutenizing Hormone levels 186% and increases free Testosterone
levels by 40%. This is an amazing fi nd for those looking for a way to increase their testosterone levels without long term side effects from prohormones or steroids.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Tribulus Terrestris Extract ....... 1500 mg
45% Saponins with Furansterol Saponins, Protodioscins, Protogracillins & Steriod Saponins

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3-6 capsules on training days one hour before working out. On non-training days take 2-3 capsules in the morning and 2-3 capsules in the afternoon.


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