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VITALMAX - CFM Protein 50 / 2400g (60 sach. x 40g)

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Vitalmax CFM Protein 50 % is the highest quality high protein nutrient where the only source of proteins is the ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate. Usage of the protein nutrients should be closely connected with the basic diet of a competitor and be a supplementation of the protein quantity in food up to the required level (in case of the body builders it is about 2g per 1kg of the body weight). Thanks to the nutrients one can precisely regulate the proportions of the protein and carbohydrates in the diet during the workouts aimed at the growth of muscle. The high protein nutrients are also used in processes of body weight reduction, and also in post-traumatic conditions, and recovery after medical procedures, etc.

Protein used in Vitalmax CFM Protein 50 and 70 is manufactured through the technologically advanced ultra filtration process. This method allows for separation and concentration of the protein fraction from the whey (separation from milk sugar and fat). In this way the main fraction beta-lactoglobulin is spared and also the micro fractions (alfa-lactalbumin, macro glycopeptides, immunoglobulin and lactopherin), which gives the anabolic effect in the human body. The whey protein concentrate obtained in this way features high nutritive and assimilation value -BV 159. It is also easy to digest, and this ensures that the body uses only minimum energy in order to digest it, and the amino acids which are faster, find their way to the muscles.

Vitalmax CFM Protein 50 contains the whole spectrum of amino acids including an increased quantity of branched amino acids (BCAA), and also the whey fractions, which influence the production of the hormone IGF-1 in the human body, which is responsible for the growth of the muscles.

The added metabolic activators and amino acids (creatine, l-glutamine, BCAA) result in better use of the protein as, for example, the construction material for the muscles.

Average nutritional values:




Creatine Monohydrate

 2500 mg

 1000 mg


 500 mg

 200mg mg

L - lysine

 4116 mg

 1646,4 mg

L - isoleucine

 2886 mg

 1154,4 mg

L - histidine

 799 mg

 319,6 mg

L - leucine

 4728 mg

 1891,2 mg

L - arginine

 1712 mg

 684,8 mg

L - tyrosine

 1280 mg

 512,0 mg

L - tryptophan

 1040 mg

 416,0 mg

L - phenylalanine

 1520 mg

 608,0 mg

L - alanine

 2828 mg

 1131,2 mg

L - threonine

 3170 mg

 1268,0 mg

L - cysteine

 1003 mg

 401,2 mg

L - serine

 2339 mg

 935,6 mg

L - valine

 2665 mg

 1066,0 mg

L - methionine

 807 mg

 322,8 mg

L - proline

 3619 mg

 1447,6 mg

L - glycine

 2160 mg

 864,0 mg


Two times a day (40g - four table spoons) dissolve it in 200-250ml of water or milk.
Drink it in 45 minutes after training and the last one just before bed.


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