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OLIMP SOJAVIT 85 700g zip bag

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Olimp Sojavit 85 - protein conditioner, whose composition is based on soy proteins. The product is characterized by a high content of amino acids, and has also been supplemented with lecithin and L-Carnitine. The lack of any additives of animal origin allows you to use this supplement as a source of proteins for vegans and vegetarians. Nevertheless, nothing prevents it from being used by "carnivores" who want to enrich their daily diet with a proper portion of vegetable protein.

Sojavit 85 can therefore be used when slimming by people who need to complement the daily diet with a portion of full -fledged proteins. In this case, the presence of Olimp Sojavit 85 L-Carnitine is justified.

- High -quality soy protein isolation - an alternative source of protein for whey protein.

- A rich amino acid profile in each portion of the product.

- Does not contain sugars.

- Complex supplemented with accessories in the form of lecithin and L-Carnitine.

- Help in growth and maintaining muscle mass.

Available Flavors:  neutral


1-3 portions daily at any time, especially before and after exercise. Add 1 portion (35 g = 1 scoop) to 285 ml1 of water.



Serving Size: 35 g
Servings Per Container: 20


Amount Per Serving:

Energy  543kJ/130kcal

Fat  1.1g

of which saturates   0.1g

Carbohydrate  < 0.5g

of which sugars  < 0.5g

Fibre   0g

Protein  30g

Salt    1.2g

Vitamin A (μg RE) 42μg

Vitamin D  0.26μg

Vitamin E (mg α-TE)   0.6mg

Vitamin C  4mg

Thiamin (Vit. B1) 0.06mg

Riboflavin (Vit. B2)    0.07mg

Niacin (mg NE)  0.8mg

Vitamin B6  0.07mg

Folic Acid  11μg

Vitamin B12   0.13μg

Biotin 2.6μg

Pantothenic Acid  0.32mg

Lecithin  161mg

of which Choline 37mg

Inositol  22mg

L-Carnitine   6mg

Amino Acids

L-Alanine  1.1g

L-Arginine  2.1g      

L-Aspartic Acid  3.3g         

L-Cysteine  0.8g

L-Glutamic Acid   5.2g       

Glycine  1.1g

L-Histidine  0.8g      

L-Isoleucine   1.1g

L-Leucine  2.4g       

L-Lysine   3.0g       

L-Methionine 0.4g   

L-Phenylalanine  1.2g        

L-Proline  1.4g        

L-Serine  1.4g        

L-Threonine   0.9g   

Tryptophan    0.5g   

L-Tyrosine  1.0g     

L-Valine   1.3g

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