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OLIMP Pure Whey Isolate 95 6000g zip bag [10 bags x600g]

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Olimp Pure Whey Isolate 95 protein supplement! The dietary supplement selected by hundreds of amateur and professional sports enthusiasts around the world. Due to the innovative microfiltration process, the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand protein presents a high level of denaturation resistance and functional activity, which enables extremely effective support in contributing to a growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

- High quality Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).

- Protein supplement with a rich aminoacid profile - contains BCAA and EAA.

- Composition supplemented with valuable vitamins.

- Due to the protein content, contrubution to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Available Flavors:  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry yoghurt, coconut cream, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream


1-3 portions a day — upon awakening, between meals, after training or before sleep. Dissolve 1 portion (35 g of powder = 1 scoop) in 115 ml of water; use a shaker for at least 10 seconds.


Serving Size: 35 g
Servings Per Container: 17


Amount Per Serving:

Energy  516kJ/ 123kcal

Fat  < 0.5g

of which saturates  0.2g

Carbohydrate < 0.5g

of which sugars < 0.5g

Fibre  0g

Protein  30g

Salt  0.29g

Vitamin A (μg RE)  42μg

Vitamin D  0.26μg

Vitamin E (mg α-TE)  0.63mg

Thiamin (Vit. B1)  0.06mg

Riboflavin (Vit. B2)  0.07mg

Niacin (mg NE)  0.8mg

Pantothenic acid  0.3mg

Vitamin B6  0.07mg

Folic acid  11μg

Vitamin B12  0.13μg

Biotin  2.6μg

Vitamin C  4.2mg


L-Alanine  1.3095g

L-Arginine   0.54999g

L-Aspartic Acid  2.8809g

L-Cysteine   0.54999g

L-Glutamic Acid  4.74039g

L-Glycine  0.36666g

L-Histidine  0.44523g

L-Isoleucine  1.67616g

L-Leucine  2.77614g

L-Lysine  2.51424g

L-Methionine  0.57618g

L-Phenylalanine   0.7857g

L-Proline  1.44045g

L-Serine  1.20474g

L-Threonine  1.75473g

L-Trypthophan  0.36666g

L-Tyrosine  0.68094g

L-Valine  1.54521g

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