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Fitness Authority - Platinum Micellar Casein - 1600g / 59 portions

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Micellar casein gives you a slow release of amino acids because of its unique digestive properties. While whey proteins are the best for immediately post workout, Micellar Casein is the perfect time release protein. It forms a gel in the stomach, slowing the time in the digestive system thus slowing the breakdown of the protein into the vital amino acids your muscles need. PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN is enhanced with the digestive enzyme Aminogen to ensure your body gets every amino acid available. Casein inhibits muscle breakdown by 34% over a 7 hour period.

Avaliable Flavours:  chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, peach


Depending on your goals take Platinum Micellar Casein 30 minutes prior to sleep. Use 1-2 heaped scoops based on your goals with 200-400ml of water and enjoy this great tasting shake.



Serving Size: 27 g
Servings Per Container: 59

Amount Per Serving:

Calories 98,3 kcal (411 kJ), Protein 22 g 37,5%, Carbohydrates 1,9 g 0.48%, including sugar 0 g, including fiber 0 g, Fat 0,3 g  0,49%, Fat 0,3 g 0,49%, in saturated fat  0,2 g 1,1%, including trans fats  0 g, Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 560 mg 55,6%, Sodium (as sodium chloride) 40 mg  1,6%, Potassium (as potassium citrate) 132 mg  3,7%, Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 27 mg 6,6%, Phosphorus 370 mg 37%, Chlorides (as hydrogen chlorides) 71 mg 12,6%

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