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Dietary supplement containing the most assimilable form of calcium, i.e., Albical™ amino-acid chelate and vitamin D3 – two of the most important nutrients responsible for maintaining a strong and healthy structure of bones and teeth.

How does calcium protect our bones?

Calcium is the basic inorganic component of bones. An average skeleton of an adult human being contains ca. 1kg Ca. The appropriate supply of this component is necessary, then, to provide the correct bone structure development as well as to reduce the bone mass defect rate related to age. The so far presented rapid data of calcium consumption in Poland indicate that the daily supply of this nutrient in the diet is significantly underrated.

Persons most endangered by calcium deficiency?

A proper consumption of this element is particularly important for menopausal women because, as a result of reduced synthesis of female hormones, the bone mass loss process intensifies. Too low a calcium supply may also restrict the correct development of bone tissue and may constitute factors accelerating the occurrence of osteoporosis also in children and young people during their growth period and in persons before their 35th year of age, while in case of people of middle and old age, an insufficient calcium supply may significantly intensify bone structure destruction. Calcium is also a very important mineral accelerating the convalescence process after bone injuries.

Why is calcium recommended in combination with vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is one of the most important components regulating calcium economy. Its action consists in increasing calcium assimilability in the alimentary tract and in stopping the secretion of hormone-causing bone destruction. Vitamin D deficiencies are very dangerous. They cause rachitic lesions in children and infants. In pregnant and breast-feeding women they may be the reason for bone decalcification and osteomalacia, while in elderly people – for increased demineralization, deformation and excessive porosity and brittleness of bone structure.

What distinguishes CHELA-CALCIUM D3® against other calcium supplements?

The calcium contained in CHELA-CALCIUM D3® is several times better assimilated [see the graph] and used by the organism in comparison to traditional preparations of this element (e.g., calcium carbonate). This is most of all the result of application of the unique mineral chelating technology developed by Albion Laboratories Institute. Thanks to the chelatation process, not only the bio-accessibility of calcium improves, but also the risk of various unwanted reactions between calcium and other minerals (so-called antagonism) or medicines taken.

The proper absorption of calcium from the alimentary tract and its distribution within the system is assured by the fact that it occurs in the form of amino acid chelate characterized by unusual bio-accessibility in comparison to the inorganic forms of this element (e.g., calcium carbonate), as well as the presence of vitamin D3.

Whom is CHELA CALCIUM D3® recommended to?

The product is recommended to persons with calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency and to cover the increased calcium demand in older children and young people during intensive growth, old people, pregnant, breast-feeding and premenopausal women and people during and after convalescence.
It is best to take 1 capsule 3 times a day after main meals or otherwise upon consultation with a physician.
Albical™ calcium amino-acid chelate, microcrystalline cellulose – filler, magnesium stearate – anti-caking agent, Vitamin D3, gelatin – capsule envelope
Active substances
1capsule/ Albical™ calcium amino-acid chelate 1076mg, of which: Calcium 280mg, Vitamin D3 1,67μg

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