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OLIMP - Garlicin - 30 caps.

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This diet supplement contains as much as 200 mg of the highest quality concentrated odourless garlic extract (Allium sativum) confirmed as having the most important bioactive garlic substances included, especially, allicin, which is exceptionally important for the organism.
Garlic (Allium sativum) sulphuric compounds (including allicin) are very strong antioxidants. They decrease by 60% the level of damage caused by free radicals. At the same time they increase by 40% the level of internal antioxidants, produced by the human organism itself. Their structure is close to the structure of lipoic acid (ALA) and taurine and as a result they activate the strongest anabolic hormone – insulin – facilitating the penetration of glucose, amino acids and creatine into the muscle cells. They regenerate the locations of insulin binding in the cytomembranes, which in its turn results in the increased susceptibility to the development of muscular tissue and a decrease in the tendency to develop fatty tissue.
They reveal the identical activity as some thermogenics do and facilitate the reduction of reserve fat.

Why is garlic so valuable for our health?

Mostly because of its special health-oriented properties. The list of garlic’s advantages keeps growing. Science continuously discovers the extraordinary healing properties of the plant and gives it one of the highest rankings amongst natural plant products with documented therapeutic properties. The substances present in garlic protect our heart and circulatory system, detoxicate our organism and destroy bacteria, strengthen the immunological system and improve digestion.

Is it true that regular garlic consumption protects from atherosclerosis?

According to scientists, regular garlic consumption included in a daily diet may delay the development of this disease, even by several years. The ingredients of this plant decrease the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, blood pressure, hinder thrombocytes caking and prevent dangerous fat oxidation reactions in the blood circuit. The ingredient which is responsible for those special prophylactic and therapeutic properties to the greatest extent is allicin – one of the most biologically active compounds present in garlic. It is a defence  not only against heart attack, but also cerebral stroke, atherosclerosis and a decrease in psychophysical shape in declining years.

Why is garlic considered to be a strong antibacterial remedy?

It stems from the fact that active garlic compounds are exceptionally effectively at destroying micro organisms in the airways, urinary system, lungs and oral cavity and hinder the development of mould. Particularly pinworms and other alimentary tract parasites cannot protect themselves from this plants action. Allicin, which can even actively hinder the development of Helicobacter Pyroli, which is responsible for those special antibacterial properties. Garlic effectively copes with viruses, especially the flu virus, supports the functioning of the immunological system and hampers the development of cancer cells.

In what way does garlic improve digestion?

Garlic ingredients support bile secretion, dissolve fats and facilitate the functioning of the enzymes responsible for their decomposition. At the same time they stimulate gastric juice secretion, increase the process of food assimilation and build up appetite. Moreover, the sulphuric amino acids present in garlic - cysteine and cystine – play an important role in the processes of liver clearance, supporting the function of this organ.

Why do so many people avoid garlic?

Mostly because of the smell. Unfortunately, even low garlic concentration is easily sensed and as a result many people consciously resign from the healing benefits of this plant. The polysulphides that are created from allicin cause unpleasant breath that lasts many hours. This is one of the reasons why OLIMP LABORATORIES® have on the market the odourless garlic extract GARLICIN ®, which contains all of the most important active substances of this plant without causing considerable discomfort.

It’s best to take the supplement once a day after the main meal.
garlic extract, microcrystallic cellulose – filling substance, magnesium stearate – anti-caking substance, gelatin – capsule coating
Active substances
Nutritional information  1 capsule
Odourless garlic extract (2% Allicin)
200 mg
of which:
4000 μg
7000 μg
7000 μg
7600 μg

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