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OLIMP - Beta-SOLAR - 300 caps. [10 boxes x30 caps.]

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OLIMP beta-SOLAR® capsules are meant for adults in order to supplement their diet with beta carotene and vitamin E, two very precious substances which support the body in its fight against free radicals, aggressive chemical molecules accelerating the ageing process and the contraction of numerous dangerous diseases. The formation of free radicals in the body is increased by such factors as: stress, intense physical effort, environmental contamination, inadequate diet, smoking tobacco, alcohol.

How do vitamin E and beta carotene effect the functioning of the circulatory system?
These compounds are efficient in stopping the oxidation of fat and cholesterol in the blood circulation and in decreasing their retention in blood vessels. The beneficial effect of these compounds is additionally supported by the lecithin contained in OLIMP beta-SOLAR®, which plays an important role in the body's transportation and transformation of fat.

How do free radicals accelerate senile changes?
As a result of the action of these molecules, the destruction of the connective tissue in the body is accelerated. That's why your skin starts wrinkling, your hearing begins deteriorating, joints and blood vessels become stiff. Anti-oxidating vitamins (beta carotene, vitamin E) destroy free radicals and prevent these dangerous changes.

How does beta carotene affect sight?
Vitamin A, which is derived, among others, from the changes made to beta carotene by the body, is indispensable for sight organs to function correctly. Vitamin A plays an important role in the process of sight and it assists the reactions which occur in the retina. Beta carotene, being a provitamin A, is a very valuable dietary supplement for people who spend a lot of hours working on the computer, watching TV or doing other activities which are involved with intensive use of eyes.

Does beta carotene aid in getting a suntan?
Yes, it does. The supplement is especially recommended for people who have fair, sensitive skin or whose skin is prone to hyperpigmentation. Beta carotene protects the skin from the destructive effects of UV radiation. Thanks to its ability to accumulate in the skin, it gives it a beautiful tanned colour. This vitamin can be recommended both as a means of getting a suntan more easily and as an agent protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.


One capsule of the supplement should be taken once a day, during a meal or immediately after it.

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