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Labrada - Super Charge Xtreme 4.0 - 800g / 50 portions

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 Feel The Pump, Power, And Endurance With Just One Dose!

New Super Charge! Nitric Oxide gives you energy, pump, power, and endurance with the very first dose! Take a hit of New Super Charge! Nitric Oxide and 15 minutes later, you'll be like a raging bull in the gym, razor sharp, aggressive mental focus combined with outrageous strength and muscle pumps! It's not your little brother's pre-workout drink mix, so use with caution. Super Charge! gives you precise amounts of key, active ingredients to jack you up mentally, volumize your muscle cells for wild, mind blowing pumps, and hyper-speed your recovery so you can grow and get stronger for your next insane workout! Super Charge! ignites your muscles with a unique 3-Phase delivery system that targets Energy and Pumps, Strength and Endurance, and Recovery.

Phase 1- Energy & Pump (Hemo-dilation) Complex

Methylxanthines-Natural compounds that provide instant energy and mental focus to help jump-start your workouts.

Nitrous Malate-A superior form of arginine designed to engorge your muscles with blood, improve nutrient delivery to muscle cells, and sustain whole body pumps.

Taurine-powerful muscle cell-volumizer which also aids in firing nerve impulses into your muscles.

N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine(NAG)-A superior form of glutamine that facilitates increased muscle volume, glycogen storage (muscle fuel stores), and GH (growth hormone) production.

Phase 2- Strength & Endurance Complex

2CM Di-Creatine Malate-A new, ionic-bound compound of creatine and malic acid that increases ATP production for stronger muscle contractions and power output without bloating or stomach upset.

GuaniPro Guanidinoproprionic Acid-Super-potent muscle cell volumizer that increases workout endurance and stamina so that you last longer in the gym. Glycovol Glycocyamine-The first genuine alternative for creatine non-responders, Glycocyamine actually increases the body's own production of creatine, while also promoting insulin sensitivity so that more nutrients can be absorbed by your muscle cells.

Betapure Betaine Anhydrous-A metabolite of the amino acid choline that works synergistically with glycocyamine to help the body produce creatine endogenously.

Phase 3- Post-Workout Recovery Complex

Humanofort-Cutting-edge embryonic peptide matrix developed in Eastern Europe, designed to help the body increase testosterone production and decrease recovery time. Also contains naturally occurring IGF-1 and IGF-2 (insulin like growth factors 1 and 2) , FGF (fibroblast growth factors), NGF (nerve growth factors), EGF (epidermal growth factors), and CTGF (connective tissue growth factors).

Available Flavors:  blue raspberry, fruit punch, grape, orange


Mix 1 scoop (intense workout) or 2 scoops (super intense) with water. Take on an empty stomach 15 minutes prior to working out.



Serving Size: 16 g
Servings Per Container: 50


Amount Per Serving:

Calories  32

Total Carbohydrates  8g

Sugars  <1g

Super Charge® Performance Blend  7.2g

Phase1 - Energy / Hemo-Dilation Complex

Nitrous Malateâ„¢ (di-arginine malate)  1125mg

Taurine  1000mg

Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate  871mg

L-Citrulline-di-malate  500mg

L-Tyrosine  250mg

Methylxanthines (caffeine)  225mg

Phase 2 - Strength & Endurance Complex

Kre-Alkalyn® (pH correct creatine)  1000mg

Betapureâ„¢ (betaine anhydrous)  500mg

Pikatropinâ„¢ (picamilon)  25mg

Phase 3 - Post-Workout Recovery Complex

Beta Alanine  750mg

N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine  500mg

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