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TREC - BCAA G Force - 600g / 82 portions

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BCAA G-FORCE is a supplement containing carefully balanced proportions of branched chain amino acids: L-isoleucine, L-leucine and L-valine as well as micronized L-glutamine. These amino acids constitute 95% of lean muscle mass; hence, decreasing their level leads immediately to muscle tissue break down.Systematic supplementation of these amino acids is essential in regular muscle protein regeneration. Their regular supply is very important in maintaining positive nitrogen balance that is anabolism (building muscle mass).Indirectly, BCAA G-FORCE influences growth hormone (GH) and insulin release, which is a potent anabolic hormone.Systematic BCAA G-FORCE supplementation enhances lean muscle mass gain as well as prevents fatigue and overtraining. BCAA G-FORCE supplementation before training increases your energy, which makes increases strength and endurance during workout. The formula also enhances immune system, which significantly improves your immunity.


Workout days: Take 6.5g immediately after getting up, 6.5g 30min before training and 6.5g immediately after training.
Non-workout days: Take: 6.5g after getting up and before sleep.

Drink with approx. 200-300ml of water or juice. Do not combine BCAA G-FORCE with protein nutrients in one dose (e.g. milk). Do not dissolve this formula.

Amount per 6,5 g
1,88 g
1,42 g
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