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TREC - Extreme Men's Formula - 30 tablets

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1. What is Extreme Men`s Formula Tribulus Complex?

It is a highly effective herbal foodstuff especially for men composed of ingredients which for centuries now have been considered aphrodisiacs giving energy to the body to stimulate sexual activity. These herbs also improve general endurance and are helpful in building muscle mass, in the periods of intensive physical training. The herbal extracts contained in the product have traditionally been used by people in India and China to support a number of physiological processes and help men maintain their top physical performance. The ingredients in the product have been carefully selected and only highest quality material from the most active parts of plants have been used. Concentrations of particular herbs are many times as high as those in single products on our market, and only Nutra Life New Zealand lab has the license to produce EXTREME MEN FORMULA Tribulus Complex delivered to Trec Nutrition.

2. How do particular ingredients of EXTREME MEN FORMULA Tribulus Complex work?

It is thought that Tribulus Terrestris fruit regulates the function of hormones responsible for improvement of physical efficiency as well as improves general condition and libido. Muscular system.
In sportsmen and body builders Tribulus increases testosterone and estradiol levels, which in turn causes quicker regeneration and improvement in muscle strength. Research has also shown that Tribulus accelerates muscle tissue gain after intensive strength workout. Hormonal system.
Tribulus acts naturally playing a role similar to that of anabolic hormones. The fruit of this herb accelerates the secretion of luteinizing hormone which stimulates free testosterone production. In China Tribulus is traditionally used to increase sexual drive and improve sexual condition. It is also thought to stimulate sperm cells production, improving their quality, mobility and longevity.
Cardiovascular system.
Benefits from Tribulus application are also noticeable in cardiovascular system functioning. Application of this herb is also beneficial in regulating blood pressure (as it decreases high pressure and increases low pressure).
Tribulus stimulates liver function, with beneficial influence on fat metabolism. Scientists believe that it regulates bile flow and cholesterol anabolic hormones synthesis. Owing to its liver-detoxicating qualities, the product contributes to energy production and protein metabolism improvement.
Tribulus may also reduce and prevent the risk of kidney stones occurrence. Tribulus has been used for centuries to maintain a good condition of urinogenital system. Tribulus is applied in the treatment of urinary bladder disorders, kidney stones, urinary incontinence and gout. Moreover, Tribulus has a slight diuretic effect.

This herb reduces the feeling of permanent fatigue and stress vulnerability. It is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of nervous exhaustion, anxiety disorders, depression and impotence. It is known as an Indian aphrodisiac stimulating sexual drive.

Active substances in this plant increase assimilation of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). Thanks to ginseng the body uses less glycogen and more fatty acids to produce energy during workouts or competitions. It also improves absorption by the cells, which enables the body to produce more energy. It reduces milk acid level, thanks to which a sportsman's feeling of fatigue is limited. The red type of the herb used in our product helps men with erection disorders. It is also used in regulating blood pressure, impotence, anemia, arthritis, insomnia, fatigue and circulatory failure. Appropriately high doses of Ginseng release adrenalin, which stimulates brain function and keeps it vigilant, thus retarding fatigue.

A healing herb from seaside areas of South America. It contains antiandrogenic, antiestrogenic and antiinflammatory material. It is successfully used in the treatment of prostate disorders as well as in benign prostatic hypertrophy, which usually occurs in elderly men, as well as individuals applying synthetic testosterone drugs. Its effect is similar to that of yohimbin aphrodisiac used in the treatment of impotence.

Is used for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy and inflammation of urinogenital system.

Is a rich source of plant steroids and saponins.

Has a strong oxidizing effect. It also regulates liver functions.

-D-ALPHA-TOCOPHERYL SUCCINATE (natural vitamin E) - 67 MG - 670 % RDA*
Is a natural form of vitamin E, which belongs to the group of antioxidants - it stops the production of free radicals. It also improves immunity and retards cell ageing.

Zink is a mineral necessary in proper production of men's anabolic hormones i.e. testosterone, growth hormone.

EXTREME MEN`S FORMULA TRIBULUS COMPLEX is a product which will soon result in removing unfavourable effects of synthetic hormonal drugs e.g. anabolic steroids.

3. What is the effect of EXTREME MEN`S FORMULA Tribulus Complex?

- Increase in own testosterone level.
- Increase in muscle mass and strength.
- Improvement in metabolism. Regenerating and constructive effect on muscle tissue.
- Increase in nutrient (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) absorption and support in their transport to cells - Support in achieving and maintaining sexual arousal.
- Improvement of nervous system condition. Improvement of concentration and memory by providing nerve cells with oxygen and nutrition. Relaxing and anti-stress effect.
- Improvement of cardiovascular system. Accelerating blood flow rate by dilating vessels; regulating blood pressure (decreasing high pressure and increasing low pressure). Reducing the level of bad cholesterol - anti-sclerotic effect.
- Liver stimulation and regeneration, benefit to intestine and kidney function. Stimulation of bile production and regeneration of damaged tissues.
- Increase in immunity.
- Increase in T lymphocyte production, antioxidant (detoxicating) effect.
- Protection against free radicals.


1 tablet an hour after a meal

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