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HI-TEC - Super Mass - 4000g [3000g+1000g gratis]

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Hi-Tec Super Mass

A high-calorie carbohydrate-protein supplement supporting rapid increase in strength and muscle mass. HI-TEC Super Mass is specially developed nutrient containing everything you need is the athlete for the earliest possible weight gain. A particular advantage of the supplement Super Hi-Tec mass to prevent excessive formation of adipose tissue, and thus the phenomenon that almost always accompanies the use of nutritional support of weight gain.

Available Flavors:  chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana


A portion of 75g (5 scoops) dissolved in 250 ml of skim milk.Training days: use four times a day in the morning, two hours before training, about half an hour after training, one hour before bedtime. Non-training days: taken three times a day immediately after a meal or as a delicious separate meal (especially with regard to the morning and evening portion).



Serving Size: 75 g
Servings Per Container: 53


Amount Per Serving:

Energy value 283kcal

Protein 20,7g

Carbohydrates 47,9g

Fat 0.8g

HCA 750mg

Taurine 250mg

Ribose 150mg

Glucuronolactone 150mg

BCAA 150mg

Vitamin C 40mg

Niacin 8mg

Vitamin E 6mg

Pantothenic acid 3mg

Vitamin B6 0,7mg

Riboflavin 0,7mg

Thiamine 0,55mg

Folate 100μg

Biotin 25μg

Vitamin B12 1,25μg


L-alanine 4.2g

L-arginine 7,1g

L-aspartic acid 11,9g

L-cystine 1.1g

L-Glutamic acid + L-glutamine 20,1g

L-glycine 4.2g

L-histidine 2.5g

L-isoleucine 4.4g

L-leucine 8,1g

L-lysine 6,1g

L-methionine 0.6g

L-phenylalanine  4.9g

L-proline 4.9g

L-serine 5.2g

L-threonine 4.3g

L-tryptophan 1.2g

L-tyrosine 3.3 g

L-valine  5.3g

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