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ACTIVLAB - Whey Protein 80 Plus Authentic - 2000g / 66 portions

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- excellent source of the highest quality protein;
- ideal assimilability;
- high anabolic activity;
- optimal proportion of exo- and endogenic amino acids;
- reinforces nervous and immune systems.

Whey protein concentrate, WHEY PROTEIN 80 plus Authentic, is characterised by the highest nutritive value and anabolic activity, above all nutritive proteins. Consequently, WHEY PROTEIN 80 plus Authentic is a nutritive protein source of the highest value for sportsmen and physically active persons. Whey protein may also be used during a slimming diet, as it prevents the reduction of muscle tissue. Protein, along with hydrocarbons, is an important source of energy. During intensive, physical training, in particular when we are aiming for muscle mass growth, we must provide our body with up to 3 g of pure protein per 1 kg of body mass per day. Biological value BV = 104.

The high nutritive value of the Activity Protein is due to the highest possible assimilability on the concentrate and optimum ratio of exo- and endogenic amino acids. The high anabolic activity, besides a high nutritive value is attained due to metabolic features of the whole whey proteins and peptides and micropeptides formed in the process of hydrolyse. They facilitate the transportation of amino acids to muscle cells and stimulate anabolism. They also form an antioxidative barrier. They stabilise lysosomes and inhibit the activity of catabolic lysosomal enzymes. They reinforce the nervous and immune systems.

Flavour:  Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Yoghurt - Cherry, Forest Fruit


Dissolve one 30 g portion in 300 ml of water or skimmed milk and stir thoroughly using a shaker or mixer. Use 1 - 2 times daily, as a dietary supplement, or 2 - 3 times daily to help with physical training.



100 g

1 portion (30 g)

Energy value

1526,3 kJ / 359,8 kcal

457,9 kJ / 107,95 kcal


80 g

24 g


4,2 g

1,3 g


2,5 g

0,75 g

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