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MEGABOL Biosterol 300 caps. [10 boxes x36 caps.] expiry date 01.2023 SALE!

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BIOSTEROL - it is a new generation product for boost testosterone level. It contains 6 different extracts:  

  • Nigellae fluidum
  • Capsici fluidum
  • Trigonellae fluidum
  • Cynarae fluidum
  • Glycyrrhizae siccum
  • Myristicae liquidum

instead of only one - Tribulus Terrestris, which usually using in that kind of products. These extracts are more powerful than just Tribulus Terrestris and  made using newest technological processes.Similar products started produce since 2004 year and they are new in world of sport supplements. 

Biosterol increase LH ( lutenizing hormone ) production, which is responsible for testosterone production.This anabolic process increasing muscle size and strength.


Biosterol is very strong and powerfull product 


Intake (1 capsule) - on training days 1 capsule after meal one hour before workout.

On non-training days take 1 capsule after breakfast.


Intake (2 capsules)- on training days 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsules after meal one hour before workout.On non-training days take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule in the afternoon (after meal).  


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