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OLIMP - REANIMATOR - 1425g / 15 portions

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This product has been designed so that after an intense workout you on your feet and give you the energy to act.

How does Reanimator?

-  Provides ingredients anticatabolic and anabolic activity.

-  Regenerate spare glycogen stores in the muscles.

-  Prevents overtraining and joint damage.

-  Increases the body's energy.

Olimp Reanimator was created for people who want to assist the regeneration of the body after a strenuous workout. Contains only the highest quality ingredients and the composition has been selected to provide the body with the flow of what is most important for the regeneration of the body.

Available Flavors:  lemon


One serving (95g powder - ok.180 units Olimp scoop or 8 flat tablespoons dissolved in 350 ml of water). Use 1 time a day immediately after training.



Serving Size: 95 g
Servings Per Container: 15


Amount Per Serving:

Post Workout Leuci – Bcaa Matrix 10g

The ethyl ester of L-leucine HCl


The ethyl ester of L-valine HCl


The ethyl ester of L-isoleucine HCl


Ph Control Post Workout Matrix 4g

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

The ethyl ester of L-glutamine HCl

L-arginine HCl


The ethyl ester of L-arginine HCl

Taurine ethyl ester HCl

Citrulline ethyl ester HCl

Acid ethyl β - alanine HCl

Post Workout Glycamino Load Matrix 51g

Waxy MAIZE high molecular long-chain waxy maize starch

The complex poly - and oligosaccharides


Post Workout Pro – Peptide Matrix 18g

Whey protein hydrolyzate

Whey protein isolate


Glutamine peptide

Additional Post Workout Ingredients 5,2g


Glucosamine Sulfate

Hyaluronic acid

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