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OLIMP Profi Mass 12500g (12,5kg) [5 boxes x2500g]

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Olimp Profi Mass - a protein matrix, which includes concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzing whey protein and casein micellar. Each form is characterized by a different rate of absorption, and thus releasing amino acids into the bloodstream. Blood saturation is therefore spread over time. Due to the hydrolyzate, as early as about 15 minutes from the moment of administration, obtaining thanks to the concentrate and isolate the maximum concentration from about 45 minutes to 2 hours from the moment of serving, to maintaining a high level for the next 6 hours (casein micellar). In this way, the supply of amino acids is maintained not only during physical exertion, but also after its completion, which can be used for even more effective regeneration of tired muscle training.

- Help in growing and maintaining muscle mass.

- Support in restoring the proper functioning of muscles (contraction) after very hard or long -lasting physical effort leading to muscle fatigue and exhaustion of glycogen in skeletal muscles.

- An unlawful source of additional energy.

- Increasing performance during exercise.

- Muscle regeneration and preventing fatigue.

Available Flavors:  strawberry, chocolate, tiramisu, vanilla, banana


1-4 portions per day-at breakfast, at dinner, after training and for about 1 hour. bedtime. 1 serving (50 g = 1½ measures) dissolve in 100 ml of water.



Serving Size: 50 g
Servings Per Container: 50


Amount Per Serving:

Energy 809kJ/ 191kcal

Fat  2.3g

of which saturated   1.9g

Carbohydrate  20g

of which sugars  3.5g

Fibre   0g

Protein   23g

Salt    0.13g

Taurine   250mg

L-Glutamine   125mg

MCT Oil 350mg

Model Amino Acid Profile per portion

Total Amino Acids   22164mg

L-Alanine  1100mg

L-Arginine   479mg

L-Aspartic Acid  2397mg

L-Cysteine     494mg

L-Glutamic Acid  4074mg

L-Glycine   324mg

L-Histidine     391mg

L-Isoleucine   1404mg

L-Leucine  2316mg

L-Lysine  2098mg

L-Methionine 500mg

L-Phenylalanine 674mg

L-Proline 1222mg

L-Serine  1019mg

L-Threonine   1467mg

L-Tryptophan 323mg

L-Tyrosine     582mg

L-Valine  1654mg

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