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OLIMP Sweet Dreams Lady P.M. Shake 7500g zip bag [10 bags x750g]

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SWEET DREAMS LADY P.M. SHAKE is a perfect composition of different forms of the protein designed specifically for women who appreciate quality, delicious taste and unmatched performance. Sweet Dreams Lady P.M. Shake is the best partner in the fight for the dream figure! It nourishes the most metabolically active tissue by providing professional support for the body. What is extremely important it is intended for all women who want to slimming and shape your body. The preparation helps perfectly modeled and firm the body and the adoption does not result in an excessive increase muscle mass!

From now on, your base for a meal before going to bed, or a meal will Sweet Dreams Lady Pm Shake!

How to apply Sweet Dreams Lady P.M. Shake?

It's a great-tasting snack - healthy replacement for desserts and sweets. Forget forever with remorse. Now, delicious, sweet meal eat with the feeling that you are doing for your body something good!

Sweet Dreams Lady P.M. Shake should be applied in the evening - before bedtime.

It is excellent for example as:

-  delicious, self cocktail prepared on the basis of water or milk.

-  rich cocktail with the addition of: fruit, muesli, cereals or nuts,

-  homemade ice cream protein component,

-  base to prepare delicious and healthy, do not require cooking "bars" - in conjunction with muesli and nuts and healthy vegetable fats,

-  the base perfect mousse - for example peanut butter.

Available Flavors:  chocolate, strawberry, vanilla


1 serving a day (at bedtime). 1 serving (25 g = 3/4 scoops) in 150 ml of water 1. Consume immediately after preparation.



Serving Size: 25 g
Servings Per Container: 30


Amount Per Serving:

The energy value of 364kJ / 87kcal

Fat 1.5g

in saturated fatty acids 1.5g

Carbohydrates 2.7g

including sugars 1.7g

Roughage 1.2g

Protein 16g

Salt 0.17g

Vit. B6 0.24mg

Potassium 303mg

Magnesium 57mg

Zinc 1.8mg

Copper 182mg

Raspberry extract 300mg

including ketone raspberry 300mg

Glucuronolactone 60mg

L-alanine 786mg

L-arginine 448mg

L-aspartic acid 1584mg

L-cysteine 281mg

L-glutamic acid 2905mg

Glycine 452mg

L-histidine 300mg

L-isoleucine 931mg

L-leucine 1569mg

L-Lysine 1424mg

L-methionine 359mg

L-phenylalanine 527mg

L-proline 1088mg

L-serine 756mg

L-threonine 949mg

L - Tryptophan 187mg

L-tyrosine 483mg

L-valine 897mg

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