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OLIMP Provit 80 7000g bag zip [10 boxes x700g]

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Olimp Provit 80 is a profoundly reworked product, based on the Provit 85 dietary supplement. The idea behind the introduced modifications was based on increasing the biological value of this nutrient. Replacing egg white albumin with excellent quality whey protein concentrate (WPC) has significantly increased the bioavailability of the new protein supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition when compared to its earlier version.

Provit 80 protein supplement has been enriched with choline (substrate for the synthesis of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter), inositol (precursor in the hypothalamic-pituitary hormone signalling pathway) and L-carnitine.

- A 96% protein complex.

- Support in building and maintaining muscle mass.

- Excellent solubility.

- An excellent addition to your daily menu, which will help you prepare delicious protein snacks, such as protein ice cream, biscuits or pancakes.

Available Flavors:  vanilla, chocolate, tiramisu


1 portion a day between meals. Dissolve 1 portion of the product  in 230 ml of water.


Serving Size: 35 g
Servings Per Container: 20


Amount Per Serving:

Energy  518kJ/ 124kcal

Fat  11g

of which saturates   < 0.1g

Carbohydrate  0.8g

of which sugars    0.8g

Fibre   0g

Protein   28g

Salt   1.2g

Lecithin  175g

of which Choline  40g

Inositol   24g

L-Carnitine   7mg

Amino Acid Profile 

L-Alanine  1.1g

L-Arginine  1.5g

Aspartic Acid  2.9g

L-Cysteine   0.7g

Glutamic Acid  4.8g

Glycine  0.8g

L-Histidine  0.7g

L-Isoleucine  1.2g

L-Leucine  2.4g

L-Lysine   2.7g

L-Methionine  0.4g

L-Phenylalanine   1.0g

L-Proline  1.3g

L-Serine  1.3g

L-Threonine  1.1g

L-Tryptophan  0.4g

L-Tyrosine  0.8g

L-Valine  1.3g

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